Affiliated Doctors

Dr Priya Ayyar

Dr Priya is a compassionate and holistic doctor originally from the sunny city of Perth but currently practicing with Heyday Medical in Melbourne, Victoria. She loves to be a listening ear for her patients, and enjoys working with patients from all backgrounds to create a treatment plan specially tailored to their unique situation. She particularly enjoys helping her patients to achieve the elusive goal of a perfect night’s sleep. Her patients often tell her “you’ve given me the best sleep I’ve had in years!”

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Dr Priya brings with her a wealth of hospital medicine experience in chronic pain, mental health including anxiety and PTSD, neurological conditions like multiple sclerosis, cancer and palliative care, which has fuelled her passion for cannabis medicine to be able to help those patients that are looking for a more natural alternative. Dr Priya is an Authorised Prescriber for many cannabis medicine products. Dr Priya is happy to accept Saturday afternoon appointments for patients preferring weekend review, please call the Heyday clinic on (07) 3186 2113 to inquire and book your weekend time-slot’

Dr James Connell

Dr Jim leads the Heyday Clinic and is also responsible for Heyday product innovation. As a General Practitioner (MBBS, FRACGP), Dr Jim has been treating patients with cannabis medicine since 2017 and has special interests in chronic pain, mental health, palliative care, cancer management, and complex chronic disease management.

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Dr Jim Connell loves getting to know his patients and is a friendly and compassionate doctor.  He has experience across all areas of medicine and is passionate about personalised care.  Dr Jim’s knowledge of conventional and complementary medicine allows him to incorporate elements of each in a safe and effective manner.

Dr Jim has specialised knowledge in the area of cannabis medicine, utilising this complex plant medicine for several years now.  He is dedicated to ongoing education, staying up to date with the rapid developments in the cannabis medicine space as well as currently undertaking a fellowship in nutritional and environmental medicine.

As well as self education, Dr Jim is dedicated to educating fellow practitioners by helping them improve their understanding of this new and powerful tool.

Dr Jim was affected by his late mother’s pancreatic cancer treatment journey and has a strong desire to craft the best quality cannabis medicines for his patients while making cannabis medicines more accessible to patients across Australia.

Dr Jim holds the following roles and certifications:

• Former President of Society of Cannabis Clinicians Australian Chapter
• Healer Certification (Cannabis Education through Dr Sulak)
• Member of the Australasian College of Environmental and Nutritional Medicine (enrolled fellowship program)

Dr Matty Moore

Dr Matty Moore grew up in Austin, Texas. He started his medical career in the US, working as a rural GP and then opening his own practice. Matty and his family moved to Queensland in 2010 where he worked in an Emergency Department. Matty and his family then moved to WA where he’s now the SMO (Senior Medical Officer) in Busselton Emergency Department and a GP at Dunsborough Medical Centre.

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His interest in medicinal cannabis stems from the movement and acceptance of it’s properties in the United States and around the world. He was looking for alternative treatments for several conditions whose management became quite stagnant and frustrating.

After Government legislation in 2016 which allowed GP’s to prescribe cannabis, Matty began to educate himself on the history of cannabis, the cannabis plant, and the endocannabinoid system.

When he’s not caring for patients you can find Matty riding his mountain bike or spending time with his family in a serene outdoor environment.


Dr Shamistra Barathan

Dr. Shamistra Barathan graduated from Imperial College School of Medicine in London in 2000 and worked in the United Kingdom and New Zealand before settling here in Melbourne. She has over 20 years of experience in practising medicine and has specialised in nutritional and environmental by completing a degree with the Australasian College of Nutritional and Environmental Medicine (ACNEM).

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Dr. Shami is passionate about the holistic approach to healthcare. She has seen patients transform their health beliefs by managing their stress levels, eating a whole food diet, managing nutrient deficiencies, supporting their gut health, exercising more, and addressing their inner needs in life. This results in long-term, sustainable results.

She soon realised that this requires a team approach. So, she found like-minded practitioners to join Usawa and has never looked back. She works with a dietitian, counsellor and hypnotherapist, yoga therapist, and mindset coach. The practitioners work together to help the patient achieve their health goals.

Dr. Shami practises what she preaches! She meditates daily, plays the piano, practises yoga, is a mountaineer, a traveller, and is involved in charity work in her spare time.

Areas of interest: Gut Symptoms e.g. bloating, constipation, IBS, Mental health e.g. Anxiety and Depression, Weight gain, Female Hormones e.g. Endometriosis and PCOS, Thyroid disorders.

Dr Shamistra Barathan is currently the Vice President of ACNEM.

Photo of Cristina cooper

Dr Cristina Cooper

Dr Cristina Cooper has a passion for vibrant health and helping people create sustainable life changes. She graduated from Cambridge University in 2002 and made Australia her home 9 years ago.   She specialised in nutritional and environmental medicine and techniques to re-pattern the subconscious mind and connect with the wisdom of the body. 

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She loves to foster self-empowerment in a space of non-judgement; to help folks come home to themselves and move beyond shame and illness into possibility.  Dr Cristina is also a certified sex and pleasure coach.

Key areas of interest:

Embodiment, Medicinal Cannabis,  Gut health, fatigue, nutritional approaches to mental healthautism and ADHDbio-identical hormones, menopause, andropause, remediating environmental toxicity, adrenal and thyroid health, stress management, nutritional supplements (including intramuscular and intravenous vitamins and compounded formulas for adults and children)

She is trauma-informed and is LBGQIT+ friendly.

Dr Jennifer Rothfield

(03) 9576 1597

Dr Jennifer Rothfield is a  solo practitioner that offers a personalised boutique service.

With a passion for helping patients achieve better health outcomes by treating patients as a whole person, Dr Rothfield practices preventative and conventional medicine.

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In particular, Dr Rothfield incorporates the use of cannabis based medicines into her therapeutic practice for indications such as chronic pain, insomnia, anxiety, PTSD, cancer pain and inflammatory disorders. 

Dr Rothfield has over 35 years of medical experience with a heavy focus on chronic pain and mood disorders.

Her areas of special interests include preventative health, women’s health, travel medicine, sports medicine, fertility medicine and mental health.

Dr Tamara Nation

Tamara graduated from the University of Melbourne medical school in 2002. She then spent a number of years working at St Vincent’s hospital and the Royal Children’s hospital, Melbourne. She completed a PhD at the Murdoch Children’s Research Institute in 2011, further developing her special interest in paediatrics.

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Tamara then went on to undertake general practice training and became a fellow of the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners.

She is experienced in women’s health and has a certificate in Sexual and Reproductive Health with Family Planning Victoria. She is also an antenatal shared-care provider with the Mercy Hospital for Women and a member of the Australian Menopause Society. She is also an examiner for the Royal College of General Practitioners.

Tamara believes that good health lays the foundation to a good life and loves sharing her knowledge and skills with clients.

Dr Stephen Chalk MA MBBS FRACGP 

One of Medika Health’s founders and Principle GPs, Dr. Steve has a non-judgemental and empathetic approach to collaborative healthcare. He has special interests in pain, addiction, chronic disease and preventative health. He has diploma qualifications in skin checks and advanced skin cancer surgery. His background training includes rural General Practice and Emergency Medicine.

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Dr. Steve’s passion and calling is Cannabinoid medicine. He is one of the leading Authorised Prescribers in the State and is experienced in treating the full range of indications in all age groups. He is an active Cannabis educator and holds the position of Medical Director for Cannaponics Ltd.

Dr Jay Phang

Dr Jay’s career in patient care has been shaped by a unique story. Born in Penang, Malaysia, Jay moved to Karratha WA for his schooling years. He began a career in medicine after being awarded the Country Medical Foundation scholarship to study in Perth, and graduated as the top of his year group in General Practice. 

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After working as an intern at Fremantle Hospital he moved overseas, working in trauma and emergency medicine in Cork, Ireland, and then in Bristol and Cornwall in the UK. He then embarked on many diverse medical and travel experiences ranging from working with the Royal Australian Flying Doctor’s service in the Northern Territory with Indigenous communities to spending time ‘working’ in the Caribbean.

After nearly ten years of emergency work and travel between Ireland, Perth and Melbourne, Dr Jay spent a number of years in Fitzroy and Collingwood.  He worked with the North Yarra Community Health Centre with a focus on complex social issues, refugee health and drug and alcohol rehabilitation.

Jay soon swapped flat whites for fat rights and moved to the Surfcoast where he commenced collecting and restoring surfboards, chasing waves and reading daily swell charts. He joined the Karuna Maya Medicine team in Jan Juc in 2011. Aside from a passion for surfing and snowboarding Dr Jay has dedicated much of his life to the world of skateboarding doing everything from riding boards, consulting on skate park designs and writing articles on health and safety for ‘Australian Skateboarding Magazine.’

Jay has an immense interest and passion for medicine. “I value the importance of continuity in care and strive to see my patients on a regular basis as needed.  I value the development of a doctor patient relationship.  I believe in preventative medicine, and a holistic approach to health care in general.”

Dr Jay also has interests in providing advice in areas of travel medicine, mental health, men’s health and sports medicine. He has recently completed a qualification with the Australian Medical Acupuncture College.  His interest in Cannabinoid Medicine arose in response to a community need for alternative pain relief and medication without the debilitating side effects of ‘conventional’ medicines.  A lifelong interest and advocate of herbal and traditional medicine enabled him to now focus on medicinal cannabis as a viable and effective solution to issues such as pain, symptoms of cancer and its treatment, insomnia, anxiety and neurological disorders.  Diagnosed with Young Onset Parkinson’s Disease in 2009, he found the personal health benefits of Medicinal Cannabis too beneficial not to share while he is still able.

In 2021 he launched The Coastal Cannabis Clinic to specialise and focus on quality and personalised Cannabinoid Medicine to his Surfcoast community and beyond.

Dr Nic Giummarra

I am fully qualified, vocationally registered GP with the FRACGP. After many years of working as a family doctor, I have decided to sub-specialise in this exciting field of medicine whilst working from home and spending more time with my young family. Having been a part of busy medical practices, I have a strong desire to keep the number of patients I see capped to ensure quality, personalised and attentive service, whilst being available for reliable follow up.

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Throughout my medical career I have trained and worked as an Integrative / holistic doctor, in Youth mental health through HeadSpace, as well as Drug and Alcohol Medicine.

I believe there is growing evidence that supports medicinal cannabis’ ability to help patients where other pharmaceuticals have failed, and will encourage new patients to join clinical trials to help grow the evidence.

I also see a strong need to support our rural and regional colleagues and their patients provide a flexible attentive service to allow them to access medicinal cannabis.

Although I cannot guarantee that initial consultations will lead to prescriptions, I can assure you that any advice given will take into patient’s holistic circumstances, as well as the medical recommendations.

Dr Shu Ng

Dr Shu Ng (affectionately known as Dr Shu) graduated from Monash University in Melbourne, Australia in 2010 and has 10 years of postgraduate medical experience in various medical and surgical specialties. She undertook an 18-month Radiation Oncology research fellowship at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center in New York, USA, whilst completing her Master of Public Health (MPH) with University of Sydney. After her return to Melbourne, she spent 3 years in Radiation Oncology specialty training at Alfred Health and Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre.

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Dr Shu approaches her patients with kindness, compassion and holistic care. She has broad interests within medicinal cannabis including managing chronic pain, mental health, women’s health, neurodegenerative and seizure disorders and autism spectrum disorders. She is very passionate about helping patients undergoing cancer treatment or experiencing cancer-related symptoms, as well as managing symptoms in palliative care.

To date, Dr Shu has managed over 500 patients and their journey with medicinal cannabis. She is an Authorised Prescriber and has also made over 600 TGA Special Access Scheme (SAS) applications to access medications. Dr Shu is a member of the Society of Cannabis Clinicians (SSC) and Society of Cannabis Clinicians Australian Chapter (SSCAC). She is also completing her multidisciplinary Fellowship with the Australasian Society of Lifestyle Medicine (ASLM).
Outside of medicine, Dr Shu adopts a healthy and holistic lifestyle, and enjoys spending time with her partner Paul and two Italian Greyhounds Vino and Ava.

Photo of Olga

Olga Lutzko

Olga Lutzko is an Endorsed Primary Care and Paediatric Nurse Practitioner with a passion for Chronic Disease Management, and a special interest in Diabetes. For over 15 years, Olga has worked closely with hundreds of clients to effectively manage their chronic health conditions. Unresolved pain, inflammation, anxiety and insomnia can be frustrating aspects of chronic disease that can dramatically impact a person’s physical and mental wellbeing. With a firm focus on maximising quality of life while minimising harm, Olga offers conventional treatments.

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In addition Olga practices cannabinoid based medicine, with a treatment option of medicinal cannabis* as second-line treatment, for appropriate and eligible clients who have experienced a chronic illness for over 3 months and not responded to conventional treatments. Olga is available to listen without judgement, assess your condition and treatment options, and determine the most effective management strategy for your ongoing health challenge

Image of James Stewart

Dr James Stewart

Dr James Stewart is one of the Australia’s leading medicinal cannabis prescribers. Dr James always takes an holistic approach with his patients and always individually tailors his treatments for each patient. He is a true believer in focusing on overall health and always promotes a healthy lifestyle as the key. Hydration, exercise and mindfulness are the forefront of his patient management. When Dr James isn’t helping his patients you could find him exercising around the city, watching sport or spending time with his wife and son.

karen hitchcock

Dr Karen Hitchcock

Dr Karen Hitchcock is a general physician whose clinical work has focused on pain, fatigue, medically unexplained symptoms and obesity. She holds a PhD in English and writes regular essays for The Monthly. She is the author of the Quarterly Essay Dear Life and the story collection Little White Slips, which won the Steele Rudd award in the 2010 Queensland Premier’s Literary Awards. Hitchcock was one of the first authorised prescribers of medicinal cannabis in Australia.

dr felix

Dr Felix Sedal

Dr Felix is a medical practitioner and Senior Medical Advisor with a passion for Cannabinoid Medicine and the treatment of chronic illness. He brings a diverse set of life experiences to his clinical practice, including clinical experience in psychiatry and general practice, and nearly 10 years spent as a medical advisor in the public and private sectors. 

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Dr Felix believes strongly in treating every patient from a perspective of compassion and non-judgement, and seeks to give every patient the time, care, and attention they require. He is also passionate about medical cannabis education, recently joining the team at Medihuanna, Australia’s leading medical cannabis education platform.

When not seeing patients or working to further the cause of medical cannabis in Australia, Felix can be found creating art, making music, and walking in the Dandenong Ranges.

Dr Yan Ren

Dr Ren graduated from the University of NSW and worked as a GP for more than 10 years. She has always believed in natural medicine as an alternative when conventional treatment is unsatisfactory. 

Dr Ren is passionate about Plant Based Medicine and started prescribing after a family member has been diagnosed with cancer in the past few years. She has helped thousands of patients to achieve a better quality of life.