Bonnita Gillard

My relationship with cannabis was reunited when a friend dropped off some edibles to help with my anxiety and stress of being a mother, coupled with my unrelenting insomnia during the recent pandemic.

I was relieved when the tension would be released after use however, once the supply was gone I was left with not being able to source it when I most needed it. I was back to using melatonin, the sleepless nights had returned and my mental / physical health was deteriorating and my loved ones were being affected as I was hitting one of the lowest points in my life.

During this time I was also diagnosed with ADHD and trialled prescription medicine that didn’t agree with me. I was left feeling defeated as I had no idea how I was going to get the treatment that I desperately needed. 

A family friend recommend me to the services of Astrid Dispensary to assist in a more natural solution to help with the treatment of my adhd, ppmd, ptsd, anxiety, stress, insomnia and depression.

I experienced immediate results within the first week of taking my medicine and it has been life changing for my healing journey ever since. The revelation of having access to strains that actually help with your conditions was mind blowing to me!

The team at Astrid and Dr. Shu has been instrumental in empowering me to trust in alternative medicine and to feel free from the stigma that can be associated with the use of medicinal cannabis. 

I highly recommend you reach out to the family at Astrid, they are the most loving, caring people and feel like a friend when you walk through the doors. I hope that by sharing my healing journey I can inspire you to explore the benefits of medicinal cannabis.