Filling Set


Discover seamless efficiency with Filling Set for 40 Dosing Capsules. Designed for those who value both luxury and convenience, this set allows for the simultaneous pre-filling of up to 40 Dosing Capsules with your choice of ground flowers. The process is made even more effortless with the inclusion of a Plunger, ensuring each capsule is securely closed.


What’s in the box

  • 1 Filling Device: Precision-made for an impeccable fill every time.
  • 1 Spatula: For easy and mess-free transfer of your ground flowers.
  • 1 Plunger: Ensuring each capsule is sealed to perfection.
  • 1 Herb Mill XL: With an impressive diameter of approximately Ø 90 mm, it promises a fine grind for optimal flavour.
  • 1 Magazine with 8 Dosing Capsules: Keep your pre-filled capsules organized and within reach.
  • 40 Dosing Capsules: Ready to be filled with your preferred ground flowers.
  • 1 Scale: For precise measurements, ensuring consistency in every capsule.

Additional information