Gut Repair 310g


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Formulated to help maintain gut lining integrity, relieve digestive discomforts, and stimulate good bacteria growth while also supporting a healthy gut-brain relationship.

Gut Repair™ is formulated to help

  • Protect and repair gut lining integrity (leaky gut)
  • Relieve abdominal bloating
  • Soothe and calm gut irritation and inflammation
  • Stimulate good gut bacteria growth
  • Reduce the occurrence and relieve the symptoms of traveller’s diarrhoea
  • Fight candida overgrowth
  • Aid nutrient breakdown and absorption
  • Support healthy blood sugar balance
  • Support gut immune function


Gut Repair contains probiotics Saccharomyces boulardii and Bacillus coagulans, along with premium prebiotics, resistant starch, digestive enzymes, glutamine, soothing herbs and more.

Gut Repair is an ideal solution for individuals experiencing digestive concerns such as bloating, irregular bowel movements, food sensitivities, and even those with IBS or other inflammatory bowel disorders. Additionally, Gut Repair can be beneficial for those dealing with brain fog and low moods.

Hypoallergenic Formula. Vegan. Gluten Free. Dairy Free. GMO Free. Natural Berry. Organic ingredients. Low FODMAP-certified.

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