Mighty Medic Volcano


The Volcano Medic 2 is Australia’s first and only desktop medical vaporiser included on the Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods (ARTG 319028). Intended for vaporisation and inhalation of medical cannabinoids from ground cannabis flowers.

The Volcano by Storz & Bickel stands as an icon in the vaporisation industry, revered for its perfect blend of efficiency, purity, and reliability. With its advanced heating method that combines both convection and conduction, the Volcano ensures a rich and clean vapor experience. Users can enjoy either analog or digital temperature control, allowing for a customised experience. One of its standout features is the innovative balloon system, which captures vapor for later use, offering both dosage control and convenience. This system has even earned it medical-grade certifications in some regions, attesting to its high safety and quality standards.

Administering medical cannabinoids via a medical vaporiser allows for a faster onset of effect compared to oral ingestion.

To use the Volcano, simply grind your flower material and place it in the chamber. After setting your desired temperature, attach the balloon and activate the fan to fill it with vapor. Once filled, detach the balloon and inhale directly from it. This process makes the Volcano not just efficient but also incredibly user-friendly.

Please note: This device is intended only for vaporisation of medicinal cannabis flowers, as prescribed by your doctor, for your medical condition. Medicinal cannabis is a prescription medicine. Volcano is not appropriate for patients with known respiratory tract or lung conditions. Depending on the density, the vapour could irritate respiratory tract or lungs, which can lead to coughing.

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