WA:IT Perfume 100ml


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Perfume is a manifestation of one’s inner self, a symphony created by combining aromatic notes in perfect harmony to uplift the spirit and clear the mind. It has the ability to induce a meditative state and elevate one’s mood.

This fragrance is made using natural essential oils extracted from plants through steam distillation, while absolutes are obtained from flower petals using the enfleurage technique. Only the finest raw materials are chosen, and the supply chain is certified.


Fragrance notes

  • Top: Sicilian Citruses, Yuzu, Elemi, Fig
  • Mid: Green Notes, Pomelia, Peony, Rose
  • Base: Izumi Black Tea, Cherry Tree, Cedarwood, White Musk 

WA:IT natural perfumes are sustainably made in Italty.

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