An exception to every rule, naturally.

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Astrid is Australia’s first female-led dispensary and specialty clinic; a boutique pharmacy and clinic that is pioneering in cannabinoid medicines, plant therapies and nutraceuticals in the heart of South Yarra, Melbourne and Byron Bay, Northern Rivers. 

Founded by clinical pharmacist Lisa Nguyen in 2020, Astrid was a bold and courageous vision to remove the stigma associated with cannabinoid medicine. Lisa believed in utilising design as a vehicle to evoke impactful change, legitimise the therapeutic use of plant therapies and ultimately, create an elevated patient experience. Since then, Astrid has grown into a multi-award-winning dispensary that is now recognised as an Australian industry leader.

In 2023, Astrid’s story evolved even more through the launch of Astrid Clinic in partnership with leading cannabinoid clinician, Dr Shu Ng. Astrid Clinic is an extension of the Astrid Dispensary eco-system – a telehealth clinic specialising in plant therapies. The foundation for Astrid Clinic and Astrid Dispensary is to create a seamless patient experience from end-to-end.

Sophisticated, modern and transformative – Astrid is not only an ecosystem for access, advocacy and education of plant therapies, but it is a destination for premium skincare brands, evidence-based gut health solutions and plant-based body care products. 

Astrid is the first of her kind – an exception to every rule, naturally.

Astrid Clinic Services

Screening Consultation
Book your free telephone discussion with an experienced Astrid clinician.
Initial Doctor Consultation
Once eligible, our team will book you in for an intial doctor consultation.
Doctor Follow Up
Your doctor will review your progress, discuss any concerns and make adjustments to your treatment plan as appropriate.
Nurse Follow Up
If your treatment is largely going well, our nurses can review and document your progress and make adjustments to your treatment plan.

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57-58, 1 Porter St
Byron Bay, NSW 2481

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Patient Education
astrid - introduction to medical cannabis

Introduction to Plant-Based Therapies

2800 BC is the earliest evidence about the medical use of medicinal cannabis, originating in Central Asia or Western China.

In October 2016, the Australian Government passed legislation to allow for medicinal cannabis-based products to be prescribed to patients by registered healthcare professionals. The laws also allowed for the import of medicinal cannabis products and the growing and production of medicinal cannabis products in Australia.