1. New Patients

Are you a new patient? Do you know if you’re eligible plant medicine? Book in an initial screening appointment with us, and we can refer you to one of our affiliated doctors if you’re eligible!

2. Pharmacy Transfer

Have you already been prescribed plant medicine but you have your scripts dispensed from a different pharmacy? Do you want your scripts transferred to Astrid instead? No worries! Let us help you:

a. If you have an e-script, email your tokens and TGA approvals to: dispensary@astrid.health

b. If your scripts are paper based, we can only accept this direct from a pharmacy or a clinic/doctor – we can’t accept paper scripts direct from patients. Get in touch with one of our pharmacists, we can help on (03) 9077 2446. Alternatively, ask your existing pharmacy to email your script to: dispensary@astrid.health

NB: all clinics and pharmacies who are transferring scripts to Astrid MUST also post original scripts to us within 7 days.

3. Clinic Transfer

Are you an existing patient? Do you already go to a clinic that aren’t part of our Affiliated Clinics? If you’d like to transfer clinics, we can also help! Please fill in the below form, and one of our affiliated clinics will be in touch!

    Date of birth*
    Phone number
    What condition are you treating?
    What products are you currently using?