A selection of articles about plant-based medicine and wellness. If you’d like to learn more about plant-based therapies, please discuss your options further with your doctor or make an appointment with Astrid Clinic

Astrid’s EOY Party in Melbourne 

To conclude 2023 on a high note, Astrid Dispensary & Clinic hosted a spectacular year-end event, bringing together the Astrid team and our extended community to celebrate and reflect on the remarkable milestones achieved throughout the year.

Introduction to Plant-Based Therapies

2800 BC is the earliest evidence about the medical use of medicinal cannabis, originating in Central Asia or Western China.

In October 2016, the Australian Government passed legislation to allow for medicinal cannabis-based products to be prescribed to patients by registered healthcare professionals. The laws also allowed for the import of medicinal cannabis products and the growing and production of medicinal cannabis products in Australia.

Smoking vs Vaporising

Plant-based products vary, depending on the symptoms or condition they are designed to treat. The way that you take them can vary too.

Your doctor will need to assess your needs, and make a decision about whether there is an appropriate product for you.

Here we explore the differences between vaporising and smoking dried herb, and share information on quality use of medicinal cannabis.

Understanding the Endocannabinoid System

In the intricate orchestra of our body’s internal systems, like the well-known sympathetic nervous system responsible for our fight-or-flight reactions, there’s a relatively new player on the stage: the endocannabinoid system (ECS). 

This complex network of chemical signals and receptors, scattered throughout our brain and body, serves as the maestro of essential functions, from memory and emotions to pain management, sleep, and more. As global research and drug development efforts converge on the ECS, its role in our well-being is gaining remarkable attention.

Plant-Based Therapy Dosage Forms

Medicinal cannabis refers to the use of cannabis or its derivatives for therapeutic purposes, primarily to alleviate symptoms or treat various medical conditions.

It contains active compounds like THC and CBD that can impact the body’s endocannabinoid system, with various effects.

There are more than 100 different plant-based products available in Australia which come in many different forms, including oral formulations, topical formulations, inhalations.