Asian Heritage Month with Astrid: Celebrating Heritage and Community

Astrid Dispensary celebrate Asian Heritage Week

Asian Heritage Week is here and we are excited to celebrate the rich cultural heritage and contributions of the Asian Australian community. 

This annual celebration offers a unique opportunity to explore and acknowledge the influence of Asian heritage in our society. An international event, Asian Heritage Week has been celebrated in Sydney from May 27 to June 2 and in Melbourne from June 3 to 9 to honour the history, culture, and achievements of the Asian Australian community. 

Astrid’s Founder Lisa Nguyen: A Visionary Leader from Vietnamese Heritage

Lisa Nguyen, the founder and CEO of Astrid Dispensary & Clinic, is a trailblazer in the healthcare industry. Lisa’s family came to Australia during the Vietnam War escaping to a new country with almost nothing but their lives. Growing up, Lisa was empowered by their stories of resilience, hard work, and determination. As an Australian-trained pharmacist, Lisa has made significant strides in the sector, beginning her journey as a Clinical Pharmacist and Medical Science Liaison. Her early work in the corporate pharmaceutical cannabis space, shortly after the legalisation of medicinal cannabis in Australia, set the stage for her future endeavours.

In 2020, Lisa founded Astrid, Australia’s first boutique female-led dispensary specialising in medicinal cannabis. Lisa’s family were key supporters during the early days of Astrid – some family members have joined the Astrid team, and others members like Lisa’s mother and grandmother went above and beyond to support Lisa to make Astrid a reality.

Astrid is proud to be part of the 2024 Asian Heritage Week celebrations. Lisa’s Vietnamese heritage plays a significant role in her vision for Astrid, driving her passion for community connection and cultural celebration. 

Join Us in Celebrating Asian Heritage 

As we set off to celebrate Asian Heritage Month, we invite you to join us in honouring the cultural diversity and contributions during Austrian Heritage Month in Australia. 

This week, we have rallied within the Asian community to highlight our favourite Asian trailblazers. 

Meet Angelo Labrador, the man behind Scoopy Milk Bar, where Korean desserts get a Melbourne twist! 

Scoopy is famous for its delicious desserts bursting with unique, international flavours. 

Astrid’s pick: Hong Kong Milk Tea Bingsu

As an Asian-led business, Eva’s journey from a humble start-up to a leading homewares brand is inspiring

Founded by Ken and Amanda in 2017 from a North Melbourne storage unit, Eva Home creates thoughtfully designed, high-quality furniture that fits seamlessly into modern life. 

Ken, an electrical engineer, and Amanda, a clinical neuropsychologist, combined their unique skills to build Eva, making it a brand that values simplicity, authenticity, and sustainability. 

Astrid’s pick: Hemp Linen Sheets in Olive 

Michelle Huang and Elle Castellani are the duo behind Locionne, the Asian-led innovative activewear brand from Melbourne. 

These long-time friends are revolutionising the industry with their groundbreaking collagen-infused activewear, crafted using “upcycled” fish scales and advanced collagen extraction technology initially developed for burn victims.

Astrid’s pick: Phantom Pocket Legging in Tuscan Olive

Meet Diana Nguyen, a powerhouse creative entrepreneur, hustler, and community builder based in Melbourne 

With 19 years in the entertainment industry, Diana has written the award-winning web series Phi and Me, delivered a TEDx talk titled “Joy is my Caffeine JoyFool,” has made so many people laugh with her stand-up comedy and heads up content strategy agency @thelaunchoff

Her passion for storytelling and creating content inspires us at Astrid 

Astrid’s pick: TEDx talk titled “Joy is my Caffeine”

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