Meet our People: Bashar, Head of Patient Experience at Astrid

Bashar at Astrid Dispensary & Clinic

More affectionately known as “Bash”, Bashar is Astrid’s Head of Patient Experience and joined the team after completing his Biomedical Science studies and many years in community pharmacy. Let’s get to know our favourite Head of Patient Experience. 

What is your role at Astrid? Can you describe a typical day?

As the Head of Patient Experience, my primary focus is ensuring that every patient interaction with our team, services, and products is exceptional. A typical day involves engaging with patients over the phone, dispensing medications, and supporting team training and development. I am constantly seeking ways to enhance our service delivery and ensure our patients receive the highest standard of healthcare. I’m focused on supporting our team to provide the best care for our patients and I spend a lot of time solving problems and finding optimal solutions. 

What do you love about your role?

I am incredibly grateful to work in this rapidly evolving industry. My passion for natural therapies aligns perfectly with Astrid’s mission to provide the best, empowering and considerate care. 

I feel grateful for the opportunity to be on the front line educating our patients, receiving their feedback, and supporting their journey towards optimal health. 

The constant influx of new products and research keeps me motivated to educate and assist our patients effectively.

Why did you want to work with Astrid?

Like many people, I was initially sceptical about the industry. Coming from a traditional Pharmacy background, I was aware of the varying impacts of different medications but had not personally observed the long-term or quality of life benefits in patients. It didn’t take me long to become committed to educating myself and working with a team that prioritises holistic patient care and industry advocacy. 

It’s a privilege to work closely with Astrid’s leadership team, guided by Lisa Nguyen’s commitment to patient-centred care and I’m grateful to be responsible for providing the best patient experience.

Bashar at the Astrid Byron Bay launch with the team of Doctors, Pharmacists and Nurses

What do you like about the Astrid team and culture?

I don’t think I could’ve asked for a better team. The Astrid team are exceptional individuals who are deeply committed to our mission. Our collaborative culture emphasises supporting one another while we focus on superior patient care, continuous education, and staying informed about the latest industry developments. I also love our team outings to the local Korean BBQ restaurant – the banter is second to none!

What do you think people need to know about our industry?

Despite its growing acceptance, the industry still faces significant stigma and misconceptions. At Astrid, we adopt an open conversation approach, encouraging discussions about the benefits and limitations of treatments for each individual. We hope that while we educate and support patients, we’re also reducing judgement, fostering a more informed culture, and increasing community harmony.

Have you faced any stigma from working in this industry?

Yes, I initially encountered stigma from within my family. My father, a Consultant Psychiatrist, was initially uncertain when I first entered the industry, but he didn’t understand the extent of the demand from patients or research from scientists so far. After sharing extensive medical research, I was able to demonstrate the significant impact of the industry, ultimately earning his support – so much support that he acknowledged the industry’s potential as a key player of the future of healthcare and medical professionals need to “adapt or get left behind.”

Bashar and the team at Astrid Dispensary & Clinic in Byron Bay

What do you hope for the future of natural therapies?

I hope the Australian industry continues to refine its regulations and processes, ensuring better access for patients in need. I hope to see a reduction in stigma and an increase in research, further validating the therapeutic benefits of natural therapies and broadening their acceptance and application.

How does Astrid support you, your work-life balance, and your overall well-being?

The Astrid team is definitely a supportive one. The leadership team fosters a supportive environment with regular check-ins and a strong emphasis on mental health and wellness. We are encouraged to take mental health days if we need them, and the team’s camaraderie ensures a supportive network. We’re always doing our best to support one another. 

If you call the Astrid team, you might speak with Bashar on the phone or if you’re ever visiting our dispensary in South Yarra, make sure to say hello to Bashar!

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