Makayla Herdman

It wasn’t until I was about 23 that I started to consume cannabis more consciously and found that I could take advantage of the cerebral effects. Having opened my first business, a holistic skin clinic in High Street, Armadale at the age of 22, you could probably say I was a high achiever and with that becomes an element of not being able to slow down. 

I embodied my holistic work to its fullest, I grew up with life coaches and have always known the power of good diet, exercise and mental health practises. However, being a woman, now in the business world there was a new level of anxiousness and urgency that sometimes wasn’t controlled by my daily practises and supplements and I did not want to go down the road of antidepressants or anti anxiety meds.  

In 2019 I travelled to America and made a point to visit dispensaries and connect with CBD spaces. This is where I bought a book called ‘The Patient’s Guide to Medicinal Cannabis’. I learnt about methods, strains, terpenes etc. When medicinal cannabis was legalised in Australia, it was challenging to find healthcare practitioners that would listen to your needs, your experience and have an honest conversation. 

Until I found Astrid, where there is no stigma, everyone you speak to at Astrid is so open and encourages you to be open so they can refer you to a prescribing doctor that suits your needs. Astrid is a leap in the right direction.