FAQ’s: Clinic

I want to try plant based medicines but I’m not sure if I am eligible. How do I find out?

To find out if you are eligible to access plant-based medicines, speak to our friendly nurse or pharmacist at Astrid who will be able to provide further information around regulations, as well as a general chat on your overall well-being! Book a screening consultation

My GP doesn’t know much about plant based medicine. How can I help my GP access more information?

If your GP is seeking more information on plant based medicine, they can access information via the following sources. 

My GP doesn’t know how to prescribe medicinal cannabis. How do I find a specialist cannabis doctor?

We definitely recommend speaking to your GP first, as they will have the best understanding of your overall health condition. However, in instances where your GP does not prescribe plant medicines, we can assist you by referring you to one of our affiliated doctors (if you are eligible). Book a screening consultation with our clinic here.

Will my medicines be covered on the PBS?

No, all SAS-B or AP pathway medicinal cannabis products are non-ARTG or non-PBS items currently in Australia. Therefore, it is not currently listed on the PBS and are considered private scripts.

I have already been prescribed medicinal cannabis by an authorised doctor but I would like to change doctors and transfer my scripts to Astrid.
What do I do if I want to change strains?

As Astrid is your dispensing pharmacy, our pharmacists do not have the ability to change strains or prescribe different products for you. Any changes to prescription product or strains must be done by your prescribing doctor. Once we have your new strain script, we can dispense your new strain. We cannot do so without relevant paperwork.

Can I travel with my legally prescribed medicinal cannabis?

Domestic travel: Yes, you are able to travel with your prescribed medicinal cannabis. If you are a patient that has a valid prescription for medicinal cannabis, you have the right to travel with your medicine. Prescribed cannabis is no different from any other medication, just make sure you do not take any of your medication out of the dispensed container as your pharmacy label is a legal document to verify that it is a prescribed medication. International travel: If you are travelling overseas, we highly recommend that you contact the Consular office/Consulate of the country that you are travelling to. Each international jurisdiction will have different policies to whether you are allowed to bring medicinal cannabis as a legal medication. Always confirm that it is legal to bring your prescribed medicinal cannabis  as some countries would require a permit. To get more information, visit https://www.smartraveller.gov.au/