FAQ’s: Dispensary

Do I need to carry a copy of my scripts around with me?

No, but it would help to carry a doctors letter just in case!

How do I refill my scripts?

You can refill your scripts by just texting or calling us! Check out the process here

Does Astrid have a catalogue?

As medicinal cannabis is an unregistered medicine in Australia, we cannot advertise lists or products publicly or online. Please speak to your prescribing doctor for further information.

I have already been prescribed medicinal cannabis by an authorised doctor but I would like to transfer my scripts to Astrid.  Can I transfer my scripts to Astrid? If so, how?
Will my health insurance company cover my cost?

Some health insurance companies will cover some cost, but it depends on your level of cover. Check out Honalee for a comprehensive list: honahlee.com.au/articles/health-insurance-cover-cbd-cannabis

What happens if I experience an adverse effect? Who do I contact?

If you are experiencing any serious adverse effects, please seek medical attention immediately. Common serious side effects include: increased heart rate, difficulty breathing, severe panic attacks. 

If you’re feeling some side effects but not sure if they are severe, you can still let us know!  Common non-serious side effects are dizziness, dry mouth, drowsiness. Fill out the Adverse Event form here

Do my prescriptions have an expiry date? How long do scripts last for?

Yes! Schedule 4 scripts are valid for 12 months from the date that it is written. Schedule 8 scripts are valid for 6 months from the date it is written. Please note, most flower scripts are Schedule 8 scripts in Australia – therefore will only last for 6 months. 

I just had my consultation with my doctor today. How do I get my scripts filled from Astrid?

After your doctor’s consultation, it can take 24 before we receive the script, and a further 24 hours before one of our pharmacists will touch base with you to walk you through your prescriptions. Please allow for 24-48 hours following doctor consultation.