Active Wear Leggings


Astrid has proudly designed and made apparel that is available for our customers to wear and join the Astrid family. Our brand’s leggings are made from breathable and stretchy fabric which allows for maximum flexibility and range of motion. The Astrid branded leggings in our signature green are perfect for you to feel comfortable both during the day and at night.

Made from 70% UMORFIL® Bionic Nylon and 30% Spandex.

LotionTech™ is the world’s first marine-collagen-infused textile specifically designed for active apparel. Incorporating UMORFIL® N6U®, a unique fibre that combines nylon with collagen peptides sourced from sustainable marine aquaculture, the process aids in reducing marine waste, safeguarding marine ecosystems, and mitigating soil acidification.

The outcome is an exceptionally soft fabric with a creamy, cooling touch on the skin, offering an array of skin-friendly benefits:
– Passes the skin sensitisation and irritation test (ISO 10993)
– Antibacterial and antimicrobial
– Cool to the touch
– Prevents itchiness

Care Instructions:
– Wash with like colours
– Turn inside out
– Machine wash cold
– Air dry
– Do not iron or bleach
– Certain colours may fade slightly after the first wash. This is perfectly normal, and will not impact the functionality of the garment.



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